What's the cleanest way to include the RedirectHttpsFilter in production only?


I built my application using the seed as base where the application Filters are specified using the utils.Filters class. Now I need to add the play.filters.https.RedirectHttpsFilter but I can not use the Play’s commended way of adding a new filter i.e.
play.api.http.filters += play.filters.https.RedirectHttpsFilter

because the filter is not a sequence but a class utils.Filters implementing the “Composite” pattern. Is there a more Play-ish idiomatic way to rewrite or replace the utils.Filters approach so that I can easily plug new filters from the conf files?

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You can remove the utils.Filters class completely and add the filters with the config.

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Hi Christian,

Thank you for the answer. I will do it … I haven’t looked at Silhouette and Play for that matter in like 6 months so I am a bit rusty atm need to again review everything.

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