Welcome to the new Silhouette Forum!

We have created this forum to better organize the future development of Silhouette. In the next few months we are in the transition to move Silhouette from a former Play Framework authentication library to a more framework agnostic authentication library for Scala projects. Currently we port the code from the play-silhouette repository to the silhouette repository. This means that we remove all bindings to Play and create our own components if necessary. There exists also a silhouette-akka-http repository which contains the Silhouette bindings for Akka HTTP. These repositories are all in a very early stage. But in the next few months, I am confident that we get a stable implementation of the Silhouette core and also stable bindings for Akka HTTP. If this is done then we rename the play-silhouette repository into silhouette-play and start the implementation of the Play bindings. In the meantime the Play Silhouette project will be developed in parallel until we have reached a stable base of the new framework agnostic Silhouette core.

The new projects will be developed under the Minutemen organization. The names silhouette and watchmen are already used by other GitHub users. So we chose minutemen because Silhouette is one of the minutemen characters.

The old Google mailing list will be closed for new questions. We do not completely shutdown the list to keep the old threads.

I think this are exiting news for the project and the growing community. Please use this thread for questions or concerns about the transition.

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