Use with liftweb?

I have an old liftweb app and the oauth library I used to use is massively broken. Could I use silhouette to replace the oauth mechanism? Its all scala code so just wondering how tightly tied to Play silhouette is.


the current version of Silhouette is very tightly coupled to Play. My main focus currently is on the new framework agnostic version of Silhouette.

Currently I switch to ttfi and use sttp as HTTP client. If this is done, I think it’s usable in other projects. But it’s beta and the API may change.

Awesome. Thanks so much for replying. I’m in the process of finding a new oauth mechanism. I’ll keep plugging away but I’ll try your idea. Let me know if I can help with testing - I dont know anything about Play but I know enough about Lift to see if it works there.

You’re welcome. I’ll keep you updated if I have merged the ttfi PR.