Include OpenID Connect standard fields in CommonSocialProfile?

Hi Christian and others, what about including OIDC (OpenID Connect) standard fields in the CommonSocialProfile?

Right now it’s:

case class CommonSocialProfile(
  loginInfo: LoginInfo,
  firstName: Option[String] = None,
  lastName: Option[String] = None,
  fullName: Option[String] = None,
  email: Option[String] = None,
  avatarURL: Option[String] = None) extends SocialProfile

OIDC also includes preferred_username, profile URL (e.g. GitHub profile or Facebook profile page if they had OIDC), and website or blog URL and some other things, look:

And also, it’d be nice to have publicEmail and publicEmailIsVerified fields — some providers (GitHub) let their members configure public email addresses (in addition to a primary and typically private email).

What do you think

With proper OpenID Connect support, I think is a good idea to support the standard fields. I’m not sure with the GitHub specific fields. Currently it’s easy to override the profile parser and use a custom social profile for such cases.


I’m not sure with the GitHub specific fields

You mean "publicEmail and publicEmailIsVerified"? Yes maybe that’s a bit weird — one could also have e.g. public Twitter or public Mastodon, or public WhatsApp phone number and other things. Maybe a better approach would be if people include such things on their About Me page (if any).