Execution error in Silhouette Seed Template

Hi akkie, in a previous topic I failed to outline that the error occurs in the Silhouette Seed Template. Execution exception [NoSuchElementException: None.get] at totp.scala.html:32


Hi gObando,

I just cloned the latest version of the play-silhouette-seed and tested multiple scenarios. For the future please be more specific and explain in detail what you did to get to the error.

This issue reveals when the user provides a wrong (or expired) TOTP code and the TotpController fails to populate all the fields needed by the TotpForm and then the view assumes it’s never None and that specific time it’s :frowning:

I have fixed the issue, will open an issue and provide the diff because I can’t fork-PR my fork is very different than the seed and I don’t want to lose it.

Here is the issue:

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Hi bravegag,

I found this problem in the play-silhouette-seed itself. I found the same cause. I changed the code in my app to avoid the issue but found your solution a better approach to fix it.

Thank you !


PD: I have a few extra topics for discussion and wonder when and where I may contact you.