Does Silhouette work with Facebook API version 3.0?

Hi akkie / Christian,

Facebook sends emails about new versions and says I need to upgrade. I’m thinking I might as well upgrade to Facebook API v3.0 directly — and thought maybe I should first ask if Silhouette supports v3.0?

(I’ve been using Silhouette for many years now, been working fine :- ))

Sorry, no idea if it works with the new API. What are the changes?

No significant changes apparently. I upgraded one or two weeks ago, to FB API 3.0:


All seems fine. Using this:

  "com.mohiva" %% "play-silhouette" % "5.0.3",
  "com.mohiva" %% "play-silhouette-crypto-jca" % "5.0.3",

So, never mind then :- )