Does Silhouette asks for Facebook friends, birth date, gender, etc?

Facebook sent me this message:

If your app is not submitted for review, you will lose access to these permissions and features.

but I’ve specified only this in my Silhouette config: facebook.scope="email". Still FB sends the alert that I cannot access those other fields. Why do you think FB does that? Does Silhouette ask for those other fields, although I specify email only? Or maybe FB sends the alert, to everyone, even if they don’t use those other fields?

it seems to me that S. doesn’t do anything weird? (I mean, doesn’t ask for any unnecessary info)

val API = ",first_name,

No, Silhouette don’t use the specified fields. I have no idea why Facebook send such messages. I get also regularly mails from Facebook asking me to update my API for a test application, also if it’s already updated.

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Ok, thanks. [… at least 20 characters ]