Adding a new Controller throws a binding exception for the Enviroment + play-silhouette-slick-seed

I’ve added a new controller in the play-silhouette-slick-seed project. I’m unable to run the project because of the following error:

No implementation for<,> was bound.
while locating<,>
for parameter 1 at controllers.UserCertificateController.(UserCertificateController.scala:13)

Code of the controller is:

class UserCertificateController @Inject() (val messagesApi: MessagesApi,
val env: Environment[User, CookieAuthenticator],
userCertificateService: UserCertificateService)
extends Silhouette[User, CookieAuthenticator] {


Other existing controllers are using the exact same injections. What am I missing?

Got the issue.
There are many USER classes in the system. The one imported in the already existing controller was different from what was in the new controller