SBT example for 5.0


Hi Christian (And everyone else of course!)

The documentation for 5.0 says that it is Beta.
And of course I could just be going blind - but I can find any snippets for using the 5.0 beta with Play 2.6
Do I need to use a different repository / resolver?
Is it just version “5.0.0” or is there an appendix like “5.0.0-beta”?

As always - Thanks!



I’ve not released a SNAPSHOT version. But you can build the artifacts yourself, by cloning the repository and executing sbt publish-local. Please see:

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I’d love to get my hands on this snapshot build as well and local publish isn’t an option for our CI / internal deploy system at the moment. Any idea when a 5.0 snapshot build might become available?



I’ll publish a snapshot version when I’m home from work.

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I’ve published the snapshot. It can take some time if it’s available in the Sonatype snapshot repository.


Thx a bunch! I also needed to add the Akka snapshot repo:

resolvers += "Akka Snapshot Repository" at ""