Problem with PasswordInfoDAO implmentation in Silhouette version 6.1

Hi, I am migrating my app from Silhouette 5.0 to 6.1 and found trouble with PasswordInfoDAO implementation.

My class definition as follows:

class PasswordInfoDAO @Inject() (db: Database)( implicit val classTag: ClassTag[PasswordInfo]) extends DelegableAuthInfoDAO[PasswordInfo]

and in SilhouetteModule:


I am having the following execution error:

No implementation for scala.reflect.ClassTag<> was bound.

while locating scala.reflect.ClassTag<>

for the 2nd parameter of models.daos.PasswordInfoDAO.(PasswordInfoDAO.scala:18)

at modules.SilhouetteModule.configure(SilhouetteModule.scala:83) (via modules:$OverrideModule -> modules.SilhouetteModule)

This class was executing well in version 5.0. I should be missing something.

Please help

Thank you


We had this topic a while back in the gitter channel:

Thank you Akkie for your quick response

I have included a Provider in the class definition as follows:

class PasswordInfoDAO @Inject() (db: Database, classTagProvider: Provider[ClassTag[PasswordInfo]])
extends DelegableAuthInfoDAO[PasswordInfo] {

val classTag = classTagProvider.get()

and still getting the same execution error:

No implementation for scala.reflect.ClassTag<> was bound.

while locating<scala.reflect.ClassTag<>>

for the 2nd parameter of models.daos.PasswordInfoDAO.(PasswordInfoDAO.scala:19)

at modules.SilhouetteModule.configure(SilhouetteModule.scala:83) (via modules:$OverrideModule -> modules.SilhouetteModule)

Would you please provide an example of Silhouette 6.1 PasswordInfo DAO persistance implementation ? Any other path you might suggest ?

Thank you

You should use a Guice @Provides annotated method with a param classTag: ClassTag[PasswordInfo]. It will be filled automatically by the compiler.

I’ll add this to the migration guide if I’m home from vacation

Akkie, please tell me where the Guice @Provides annotated method should be defined. An implementation example of this will be very much appreciated.


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@gObando Please see

Akkie, thank you so much for your neat explanation in Silhouette migration guide. It allows me to move forward.